Warning : Fake ICPC for Elementary School in Mainland China


Fake ICPC for Elementary School in Mainland China

鉴于近期在中国地区出现了一些利用 ICPC 品牌伪造的比赛,在此正式声明,所有未在 ICPC 官网(https://icpc.baylor.edu/)注册的比赛都是非 ICPC 官方授权的,请学校和家长慎重参与。

尤其是有一些非ICPC人士正在组织面向小学生的假ICPC,并且提供昂贵的课程。请家长们不要相信这些假冒的ICPC赛,也不要相信他们的假冒ICPC证书。(摘自ICPC亚洲区官方博客:ICPC亚洲区主席黄金雄教授 http://blog.sina.com/cjhwang 

In consideration of the recent occurrence of some counterfeit contests using ICPC brand in China, it is officially stated that all contests which not registered on the ICPC official website (https://icpc.baylor.edu/) are not officially authorized by ICPC. Please be cautious to participate.

Especially, there are a few non-ICPC people are organizing “Fake ICPC Contest for Elementary School Students” and providing expensive courses. Parents, please do not trust such counterfeit ICPC contests and do not trust their counterfeit ICPC certificates either.

(Extract From ICPC official Asia Blog: ICPC Asia Super-Regional Director Professor C. Jinshong Hwang http://blog.sina.com/cjhwang )